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Who We Are


Our history

When our team started shopping the international market for an air compressor manufacturing partner, we knew we wanted to work with a family-owned company that produced reliable, durable, user-friendly air compressors.

Tamsan Compressors was founded in Ankara, Turkey, over 40 years ago. Its compressors are some of the most reliable, well-built, and user-friendly air compressors on the planet. After several test runs with their compressors and nearly a decade of studying Tamsan builds and parts, we knew we found the manufacturer we wanted to build our brand with. 

Like the compressors they're modeled after, every piece of a Tamsan-USA compressor - from something as big as a 330 horsepower rotary screw to something as small an air filter - is optimized for reliability, efficiency, and longevity. We trust our airends so much that we back them with a lifetime warranty. 

But we're not perfect. We are always updating, innovating, testing, researching, and keeping up with industry best practices and lean manufacturing philosophies.


We believe sponsoring our local communities is one of the most important things we can do as small business owners.
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Laurens County Speedway

We've had a blast sponsoring Laurens County Speedway - also known as “The Darlington of Dirt.” You can often find Tamsan-USA’s president at this local Laurens gem, cheering on the race track’s incredible young racer, Scott “Scoot Dog” Wilson. Like the young star, Tamsan may be young and small, but it packs a big - and memorable - punch. 


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Tamsan Central Stars

Tamsan-USA also sponsors a highly talented cricket team called the Tamsan Central Stars. The team, which plays in the Endeavor Sports League, is currently the leading semi-professional cricket team in all of Trinidad. One of its players recently got called to the pros. Sporting teams embody the things that are most important to Tamsan as a company - teamwork, selflessness, leadership, and execution.

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Laurens YMCA 

We're thrilled to sponsor the Laurens County YMCA baseball team. Youth recreational sports are so important because they give young children and at-risk kids a safe, healthy outlet to exert their energy and develop positive relationships. We believe that all kids deserve to be part of something special and have someone cheering for them while they do it. 

Meet Tamsan-USA's Leaders


Josh Wamser

CEO, Owner

Josh Wamser is a compressed air systems engineer and subject-matter expert with over 20 years of experience in designing and installing compressed air systems. A Detroit, MI native, Josh is a veteran of both the Marines (E-3/0351) and the Navy (MMN). He lives with his wife, Kelly, and their two children.

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Aaron Massey


Aaron Massey is a compressed air expert with several years of experience in mechanical engineering in the compressed air space. He worked his way up through the ranks and was recently promoted to company President. He's a native of Greenville, SC, and lives with his beautiful wife, Taylor. 

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