The New Gold Standard in Compressed Air Solutions
Not your average compressor



Tamsan-USA's president, Josh Wamser, is a compressed air systems engineer and world-respected subject matter expert with over 20 years of experience in designing and installing compressed air systems.

He is proud to employ some of the industry's most experienced, expertly trained, and highly certified professionals.

How we got here

Over the years, we've noticed a few things. 

Not all air compressors are created equal - and neither are all manufacturers.

That's why we did our research. We spent nearly a decade studying Tamsan builds and air compressor parts, making sure that every piece we sell - from something as big as a 330 horsepower rotary screw air compressor to something as small an air filter - is optimized for reliability, quality, and longevity.

As industry authorities on compressed air, we hold workshops, speak at conferences, and provide customized plant training all over the country. We are always innovating, testing, and perfecting our craft.

We've seen it all. At the end of the day, we can confidently say that Tamsan air compressors are remarkable. They work well everywhere and have amazing functionality in any setting, whether you put them in an industrial plant or the desert.


Laurens County Speedway

Sponsoring local communities is one of the most important things you can do as a small business owner, which is why we sponsor Laurens County Speedway - also known as “The Darlington of Dirt.” Tamsan-USA's president is a big fan of this local Laurens gem, and is especially impressed by the race track’s incredible 10-year-old racer, JD “Scoot Dog” Wilson. Like the young star, Tamsan-USA may be small and relatively new to the scene, but it packs a big - and memorable - punch. 


Tamsan Central Stars

Tamsan-USA also sponsors a highly talented cricket team called the Tamsan Central Stars. The team, which plays in the Endeavor Sports League, is currently the leading semi-professional cricket team in all of Trinidad. One of its players recently got called to the pros. Sporting teams embody all the things that are most important to Tamsan as a company: teamwork, selflessness, leadership, and execution.

YMCA Baseball

We're thrilled to sponsor the Laurens County YMCA baseball team. Youth recreational sports are so important because they give young children and at-risk kids a safe, healthy outlet to exert their energy and develop positive relationships. We believe that all kids deserve to be part of something special and have people cheering for them while they do it.