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We offer the best service and warranties in the compressed air industry. 

When it comes to your Tamsan-USA product - whether it's a part, a new compressor, or a packaged compressed air system - we can help.

Your time and your experience are important to us. That's why we offer support from the first phase of design to the last phase of installation and beyond.

Check out our full suite of services below.

  • Design

    Once we've engineered your system, we'll need to implement all the specs. Compressed air system design covers things like piping, equipment selection, and installation logistics.

  • Engineering

    Tamsan-USA expertly engineers your compressed air system using metering and instrumentation that account for factors like biometric flow and backup needs. 

  • Installation

    Once your compressed air system is engineered and designed with the proper specs, you're ready for installation. Tamsan-USA's experts have decades of training and experience in making the installation process efficient, low-stress, and, most importantly, fast. Our process is streamlined to ensure your compressor is up and running as quickly as possible.

  • Air Compressor Maintenance

    Tamsan-USA provides preventative and predictive maintenance, which are important for keeping your equipment running smoothly and efficiently. It's also important to make sure your compressor, filters, and elements are reliable. Reliability is a crucial (but often overlooked) piece of the compressed air system puzzle, and keeps plants from ending up in situations that require urgent corrective maintenance.

  • Compressed Air as a Utility

    Pay only for the air you use. 

    Compressed air is commonly referred to as “the fourth utility". With Tamsan-USA, you can get a compressed air supply by way of "air over the fence" or "air on demand". We can engineer, design, install and maintain a VP flow meter for your facility's compressed air needs. Preserve your capital and pay only for what you utilize.

  • Training and Workshops

    One of the things that sets Tamsan-USA apart in the compressed air industry is our focus on continuining education and training. As subject-matter experts and leaders in the field, we hold workshops, intensives, and training sessions multiple times a year. 

  • Rentals

    All of Tamsan-USA's air compressors are available for rent. Shop the full product line now.  

  • Technical Support

    We offer for technical support and troubleshooting at the time of service and make ourselves available to you 24/7 for after-sales support. Click here to contact customer support now

  • Distributor Sales Support

    If you're a Tamsan-USA distributor and you or your team need sales support, we offer virtual and in-person training.


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